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BIE partners with regional organizations to conduct PBL Institutes to support local educators seeking high quality, cost-effective professional development for PBL. At a minimum, a PBL Institute includes three sessions of our foundational Gold Standard PBL 101 Workshop, along with at least one of the following services: PBL Leadership Academy, PBL Coaching Academy, and PBL 201 workshops. Some Institutes also feature keynote speakers.

Interested in hosting a PBL Institute?
BIE is currently scheduling PBL Institutes with districts, counties, and regional instructional services hubs who would like to host regional trainings for teachers, instructional coaches, and school/district leaders. These organizations must have existing networks of regional educators, the infrastructure to organize and host events, and especially important, shared values for student-centered, project-oriented teaching and learning.       
Want to learn more about how you can host one of these PBL training events? Click the Request Info link above.

PBL 101 Workshops

PBL 101 is BIE’s foundational three-day (consecutive, 7.0 hours per day, including lunch) onsite workshop. Based on BIE's model of Gold Standard PBL, the workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. The workshop models the project process. Facilitated by one of BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in project design, with the expectation that every teacher or teaching team will generate a project plan that receives formative feedback from both participants and BIE National Faculty.

All participants (limited to 35 per workshop) receive a free copy of BIE's highly regarded PBL 101 Workbook, which is exclusively for PBL 101 participants and not sold separately. In district settings, BIE has the capacity to facilitate as many as 25 simultaneous PBL 101s.

PBL Coaching Academy

The PBL Coaching Academy is a two-day intensive workshop for up to 40 participants per session. This dynamic workshop engages instructional coaches in best practices for providing sustained support for teachers to enable high quality PBL design and instruction. Participants will focus on Gold Standard PBL’s Essential Project Design Elements through a coaching lens, and access resources and protocols, learn best practices, and create deliverables to support their teachers. Facilitated by BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshops are hands-on, involve peer collaboration, and model PBL practice. It is recommended that participants in the Coaching Academy have attended our foundational PBL 101 Workshop.

PBL Leadership Academy

The PBL Leadership Academy is a three-day workshop for up to 40 instructional leaders and administrators per session, who may attend as leadership teams. This workshop engages leaders in exploring best practices in leading a school or district in the effective, sustainable implementation of Project Based Learning. Through a combination of direct instruction, video analysis and hands on individual and group work, participants gain deeper understanding of high quality PBL and the structures and practices that allow this instructional approach to flourish. Facilitated by BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshops are hands-on, involve peer collaboration, and model PBL practice.

PBL Keynotes

You can raise the profile of your PBL Institute with an inspiring and engaging PBL Institute Keynote speaker. By hosting a PBL Institute, you can gain access to leaders in Project Based Learning and offer your Institute participants a dynamic event experience.

PBL 201 Workshops

BIE offers a series of one-day onsite workshops focused on advanced practices in PBL implementation. The workshops, facilitated by National Faculty members with specialized knowledge and experience, focus on such topics as Technology Integration, Advanced Placement, English-Language Learners, Literacy Design Collaborative, World Languages, etc. These workshops (no more than 35 participants) are designed for educators who have experienced our three-day PBL 101 workshop. District partners can elect to schedule PBL 201 sessions as stand-alone workshops or have elements of these workshops integrated into the onsite Sustained Support Visits BIE delivers over the course of the partnership.