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Whether you’re a teacher of kindergartners or high school chemistry, work in a large public school or a small charter or private school, we’ve got resources for you. Perhaps you want to find out more about PBL before you plunge in; perhaps you want help in finding or planning the right project for your classroom; or maybe you just want a rubric for assessing a student presentation – check out what we have to read, watch, and interact with.

Online Tools
BIE’s Project Search

These projects are meant to inspire your own ideas

How to Get High-Quality Student Work in PBL

Five steps for in-depth and polished products

Main Course Not Dessert (by BIE)

Distinguish between PBL & lightweight "projects"

Project Design Rubric

Align projects w Essential Project Design Elements

What Does It Take for a Project to be “Authentic”?

Inauthentic vs. realistic vs. real-world projects

Archived Webinars
Driving Questions

Purpose, examples, and how to write good DQs

Student Handouts
Project Team Contract

States agreements on how a team will work together

Also Recommended for Teachers