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If you’re new to PBL, you might be asking some questions… What the heck is this PBL thing I’ve been hearing about? Is it right for me and my students? How do I plan and manage a good project? We have a variety of resources to help you find answers. To learn more about what PBL is, check out videos like “PBL Explained” or others that showcase sample projects. Read our articles and see our PBL Toolkit series of how-to books. Look through our Project Search tool and find examples from your grade level and subject area. When you're ready to plan a project, use our planning forms, rubrics, student handouts and other documents to make the process go more smoothly.

“It really, actually changed my life.”

Students reflect on their experience of PBL

Elementary Projects from Worms to Wall Street

Students work on a variety of research projects

Project Based Learning: Explained.

Intro to What & Why PBL, 21st century Competencies

Planning Forms
Essential Project Design Elements Checklist

For a quick evaluation of a project's design

Online Tools
BIE’s Project Search

These projects are meant to inspire your own ideas

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